Sharing and VedaJunction Marketplace

VedaJunction provides a marketplace for buying and selling user curriculum maps, learning resources, and individual learning plans. Users can also subscribe to course resources from vendors and content publishing companies tested and approved by VedaJunction. Mentor support resources on how to design curriculum and personalize individual tutorial instruction are also available in the marketplace.

Course Resources from Marketplace

Subscribe to course resources (Units, Lesson Plans, Notes, E-learning sets, Question Banks, and Learning Plans) from VedaJunction Marketplace. These resources can be shared by other users or purchased from approved vendors and content publishing companies.

Share Resources

You can share the Units, Lessons, Notes, E-learning Sets, Evaluation Resources and Learning Plans you create with multiple users of VedaJunction by authorizing their individual sharing codes.

Download Course Resources

Easily download course resources shared by other parents/tutors/teachers for use by any of your learner. Simply download the shared course resources into their learner accounts.

VedaJunction Marketplace

Upload learning resources, evaluation resources & individual learning plans you have created to VedaJunction Marketplace to share them with other users. Our system facilitator will review and approved you items you like to with the members of the community. These course resources can be free or paid.