Competency Reports

VedaJunction offers performance analysis tools, an artificial intelligence recommendation engine, and system-generated learning plans. The system can create and analyze multiple simulations to model the performance and competency level of each learner. The system can then Generate new learning plans based upon individual performance indicators.

Learner Statistics

Analyze and Observe overall learner statistics based on competency score and learning outcome status. View status for each learning outcome for each single unit and lesson plan.

Unit and Lesson Analytics

View units and lessons analytics, the status of each learning outcome, and grades for all worksheets & quizzes.

Evaluation Tools Analytics

Review Worksheets and Quiz analytics based on scores and learning outcome status percentages. Identify problem areas for each unit and Lesson.

Auto-Generated Plans

The system automatically generates Learning Plans for required areas to achieve mastery and to improve competency levels. Intelligent system tutor/teacher recommends learning resources (Path) and study time (Pace) based on learner performance, learner profile, and content profile.