Customized and Personalized Learning

VedaJunction provides Customized Learning Plans based on recommendation engine and analytical tools using individual performance indicators and content profiles. Smart algorithms based on mastery and reinforcement learning govern the Personalized Learning plans for users. Modifies the learning plan based on learner performance and content profile and improves its knowledge of recommendations.

Mastery and Reinforcement Learning Tools

Intelligent Agent recommends Personalized Learning PATH and Study time (PACE) using Reinforcement Learning Tools, based on Learner's requirements and performance.

Learning Kits and Course Clusters

Ready to use Learning kits and course clusters from different authors and education experts.

Achieve Mastery in Units & Lessons

Re-initiation of Units & Lessons based on Learner individual performance indicators and content profiles.

Complete Learner Analytics

Intelligent system tutor analyzes and observe overall learner statistics based on competency score and learning outcome status. Customized & Re-initiate the Units, Lessons and Learning resources based on learner performance indicators and content profiles.