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Homeschooler Parents

VedaJunction empowers you to create Individualized Learning plans in which you can determine the best Place and Time for the learner to study, the best amount of time for each learning resource (Pace), and with personally customized curriculum and lessons (Path) that you have decided work best for your Learner(s).

VedaJunction Marketplace allows you to Purchase course resources from VedaJunction approved vendors whose resources have been tested for compatibility with VedaJunction's advanced technologies.

Subscribers can also Share course resources they create with members of the VedaJunction community. All VedaJunction resources (Curriculum Maps, Lessons, Learning Plans, and Learning Resources) are stored in a secure, encrypted form.

  • VedaJunction helps you to design your own complete Curriculum with multiple Units and Lesson Plans.
  • With online access to Learning Resources, you can easily manage and track lesson learning and evaluation material based on your Curriculum Map.
  • Individual Learning Plans help you not only to provide insight and information, but also to create scenarios and situations where an answer may not exist, and prompt Learners to seek answers independently.
  • Using VedaJunction analytical tools, you can focus on how learners develop and enhance their skills in verbal and written communication, and problem-solving.
  • The VedaJunction facilitator network supports you in sharing your work with other members of the VedaJunction community, and finding the best commercial resources for your learner(s).
  • Provides in-depth and ongoing analysis of individual learner performance, including recommendations for optimizing learner achievement.

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